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Quality products made in Austria since 1956
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Woodworking machines

Hermann Ganner Straße 1
A-6410 Telfs, Austria

Telephone: +43 5262 62532
Fax: +43 5262 62532 20

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image square Boring and insertion machines
Red Baron & Basica Variabel

Gannomat hinge boring and hardware insertion machines are hardware manufacturer independent and designed for the precise drilling and insertion of hardware. Robustness, durability and ease of use distinguish our universal hinge drill machines.

Boring and insertion machines - GANNOMAT Red Baron & Basica  
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Red Baron P - Boring and hardware insertion machine

Basica Variabel - Boring and hardware insertion machine
with tool-less quick-change system for drilling heads

Hinge drilling and insertion
Hinge drilling ONLY

Line drilling with 7 or 11-spindle drill head
Red Baron P: 7-spindle drill head, distance from the front stop to drilling spindles up to 95 mm
Basica Variabel: 11-spindle drill head, distance from the front stop to drilling spindles up to 300 mm, the 11-spindle drill head is stepless turnable from 0° to 90°

Drawer slides

Mounting plates

Drawer fronts

Half-open connectors (like e.g. shelf connector Rafix)

Eccentric fittings (like e.g. Minifix)

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